Astrology: Fashion: ‘We’re The Millers’: Jennifer Aniston’s White Eyelet Blouse


We’re the Millers/WarnerBros.
Jennifer Aniston’s Eyelets

In We’re the Millers, the white eyelet blouse worn by Rose, played by Jennifer Aniston, is a clever costume ploy designed to instantly telegraph character.

Rose, a stripper by profession, has no illusions about nudity. But when new sexual demands at the club force her to draw the line and quit, she accepts – for cash – an arrangement proposed by Dave (Jason Sudeikis), a drug dealer who lives in her rental building and whom she despises. Rose will pose as Dave’s wife on a drug-smuggling mission and become instant mother to two teens who’ve been similarly recruited to become part of an instant four-member family.

The eyelet blouse, with its obtrusive buttons and oversized collar, is both white and virginal – approved Mom-garb for getting past marijuana-sniffing dogs at the Mexican border. But those eyelets – populating a backdrop of Virgo-like innocence – are simultaneously mini-telescopes to the flesh which lets viewers know that Rose hasn’t totally shed her skill set.

Eyelet-containing garments, as maiden-like as they appear, allow the wearer to enter forbidden realms of her own making – Pluto rules sex, death and secrets, as Scorpios well know – and a way to invite the viewer to do the same. That’s real versatility in our book.

Astrology Fashion Rating: ♇ (Pluto)


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