Astrology: Fashion: Floral Headbands

An item that might once have been categorized as a prom-night hair accessory has now taken center stage as all-around feel-good, girly headgear, largely through the fashion spark of Chiara de Blasio, daughter of New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio.

Chiara rocked her various headbands of rose-like blooms during her father’s political campaign. Thanks to retailers like Urban Outfitters, looking as though you’ve cut your way out of a botanical paradise is within easy and economical reach, even as temperatures plummet.

Aries: The leaders of the Zodiac plunge head-first into action. Think flowers as headgear with a hint of bloody warfare for good measure. Red roses work. Rams would rather keep the thorns because weapons do come in handy. Glue gun, anyone?

Taurus: Taurus get pleasure from growing their own blooms and watching them emerge from the soil inch by tiny inch. Lovers of beauty, Taureans are heavily into the senses. Let intensity of fragrance – gardenias, lilacs – determine your choice. Take a sprig in hand – Bulls are big on tactility too.

Gemini: The sign of The Twins, Gemini loves paired objects. Having two jobs, double majors and a couple of simultaneous romantic interests are second nature. Ditto floral tiaras. Aim for smaller blooms that can be woven around the head twice, making for a double strand.

Cancer: Cancerians thrive on giving out maternal vibes. Feeding people is big for them. Honeysuckle wreathes will yield juice. And white blooms suggest mother’s milk. Edible nasturtium flowers? Go for it.

Leo: The Lion yearns for anything worn atop the head to be a crown. Their crown. Make the florals either gold-hued or massive – think pom-poms – but tastefully dramatic. Remember the scalding ornament Khal Drogo fashioned for Viserys Targaryen? Don’t let pride go to your head.

Virgo: Humble as it gets, Virgos like to keep it simple and ideally woven. Got some stems handy? Really long ones? Get out those crochet needles.

Libra: Nothing tipped to one side for these Scales of the Zodiac. Keep that headband perfectly symmetrical. Ideally, wear two, so you partner-loving Libra can give one to your best friend.

Scorpio: Persephone plucked flowers in the field, and Hades promptly plucked Persephone. The gal disappeared for half a year. Think morning glories which bloom in the early morning and then retire to burst forth anew. On the other hand, you could just hellishly dye some carnations black.

Sagittarius: You Centaurs love to travel so pick the most exotic flower species you can find. Anything not indigenous to your neighborhood will do. If you wear it as a wish-list, passport in hand, you may fly there one day.

Capricorn: Keep it minimal and classy. Consider a simple threading of silver sage or silver brunia. And then, of course, pretend it’s platinum.

Aquarius: The non-conformist Water Bearer wouldn’t be caught dead wearing flowers people can readily identify. Unique to the core, they’ll opt for items they’ve inventively ordained as flowers. Like a braid they’ve fashioned out of strips of a T-shirt. Really. Just because they can.

Pisces: Purples are your bastion, so instincts will lead you to that hue. Opt for the lavender flower or purple roses, hyacinths or lilacs. All the better for their fragrance to transport you and your admirers to another realm.

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