Astrology: Fashion and Yoga Clothing: A Contradiction?

Is “yoga fashion” a contradictory term? As people own their yoga practices – whether as part of a group at an outside venue, or alone in the privacy of their homes – their focus should be a connection. This means a link with their deepest being, whether the goal is spiritual development or the improvement of physical health. And yet clothing rests on the most external parts of themselves. So, why put one’s energy into an asana wardrobe?

One answer is the better we feel about ourselves, the less distracted we are. At last month’s Yoga Journal Conference, in New York, the event’s market-place section included vendors displaying yoga pants, tops and accessories. The space holding product from Hard Tail, a California-based, lifestyle apparel manufacturer, was inundated with attendee-shoppers.

Several women I spoke with, from 20-something to decades older,  offered their own reasons for springing for bright colors, bold prints and well-fitting products.

One said, when clothing was too loose and baggy, that you couldn’t really tell where your body was in relation to what you were wearing. In other words: big distraction. Another lady, a yoga instructor, said a friend actually took her aside and made her aware of her stretched-out garb; in an effort to use an item until it was falling apart, her appearance ceased to be professional. And a third person said that bright colors basically made her feel happier and, in turn, better able to have a good practice.

Dick Cantrell, the founder and owner of Hard Tail, was selling a wide selection of items, many of which hadn’t yet arrived at the brand’s various retailers. He said his customers simply want the “next thing,” adding that lizard patterns are especially popular this season.

No matter how ingrained the “you-can-never-wear-too-much-black” mantra is, there’s something to be said about preparing one’s body so that good fit and a Sunday-best attitude is front and center. The readiness is all. And sometimes yoga fashion truly makes one ready for the next steps, the next asana.

How do the astrological signs wear yoga clothing?

Aries: Fearless and sometimes reckless, head-strong Rams may choose red for boldness and as a reminder to “Stop!” before attempting maneuvers too advanced for their abilities.

Taurus: The fabric’s got to feel soft and luxurious so Bulls are enveloped in grace while pursuing it.

Gemini: Beware crazy patterns: Twins tend to get distracted under the best circumstances.

Cancer: Silver touches for Moon children connect them with Lunar energy.

Leo: Lions, who need and want to be admired, must refrain from taking the Red Carpet route.

Virgo: Environmentally conscientious, health-savvy Virgins need resilient yoga garb easily washed, cleaned and maintained.

Scorpio: Okay. Black.

Sagittarius: Boundary-jumping Centaurs need items that travel well and often.

Capricorn: Thriving on organization, self-contained Goats benefit from a yoga accessory bag with many compartments and easy access.

Aquarius: Outrageous designs and fabrics are totally normal for innovative Water Bearers. However, the rest of the group may need sunglasses.

Pisces: Mystical Fish, who gravitate toward the transcendent, appreciate blues that reflect the sky, and the blue-greens and indigos of the seas and oceans.

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