Astrology: Fashion: Emma Stone’s Flowery Straw Hats in ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics

How down-to-earth should a mystic be? Emma Stone has some ideas. In Magic in the Moonlight, set in 1928, Stone plays Sophie Baker, a young woman whose talents as a medium have been causing quite a stir on the European continent.

In an era when spiritualism and communicating with the dead at seances were all the rage, Sophie has been wowing everyone who watches her work. The transcendent world that she liaises with is usually identified with Neptune and the color mauve. Sophie, on the other hand, goes about her business as a regular gal, with a proclivity for flower-accented straw hats.

Today baseball caps are hardly going out of vogue on hot summer days when sunlight needs to be held at bay. But jaunty hats, including straw ones, aren’t entirely absent, either.

Here are some Zodiacal reactions to flowery, straw-based, summer-in-the-city headgear.

Aries: Straw helmets not battle-friendly: add metal.

Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics

Taurus: I grew these flowers in my own windowsill garden.

Gemini: My thoughts run deep: let’s add some stems and roots to those petals.

Cancer: Sun-shield protection alert: you’re going to need a bigger brim.

Leo: More gold tones. It’s a crown, dammit.

Virgo: It’s about craft: heavy on the straw.

Libra: Don’t tilt it!

Scorpio: Black roses, please.

Sagittarius: Does this hat travel well?

Capricorn: Is it CEO-quality? Gotta look the part.

Aquarius: No worries: my flowers aren’t bigger than your flowers.

Pisces: Let’s merge: same color for straw and blooms.

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