Archetypes: Film: Review: ‘Jason Bourne’ (2016)



We’re long past identity, supremacy, ultimatum and legacy. Now, as the title says, it’s just Jason Bourne, with the entirety of his chiseled-six-pack essence reduced to finding the truth about the trajectory that led him to become amnesiac Jason Bourne (Matt Damon).

Bourne has kept in touch with Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) who has gone off the CIA grid and is now an insurrectionist hacker. While capturing files, she stumbles upon new information which contradicts what Bourne knows about his father.

Bursting with requisite car-and-vehicle chases and brutal fights involving found objects, Jason Bourne, co-written and directed by Paul Greengrass, is, at its core, about something less superficially violent but just as deadly.

Introducing Bourne senior sets up the key Father-Son archetype which is shown to have gone tragically awry. The Bournes’ narrative parallels the Father-Son activity at the CIA, an organization that thrives on patriarchy and an expectation of filial-fueled employee obeisance, no matter the cost. Similar rules apply when, in doing the shady funding of DeepDream, a start-up owned by Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed), the CIA expects the recipient to express child-like gratitude. Uncle Sam is clearly Papa, too.

Lost intimacy – between Bourne and his dad, and CIA workers and their bosses, including CIA director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) – is a significant theme here. The absence of roots puts the Lunar archetype of family, the past and memories at odds with the Solar archetype of male identity and leadership. In an ugly twist, the CIA’s funding of Kalloor’s surveillance breakthrough – it’s so ruthlessly invasive that the technology is itself is a prober of potentially deeply personal behaviors – gives a whole new meaning to the term “false intimacy”

Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), a consummate CIA hacker, quickly sees the duplicity behind Dewey’s intentions and his association with an asset (Vincent Cassel). Her desire to relate to Bourne in a human way suggests she will provide the intimacy he had shared with Nicky. She’s the seeming Moon Goddess aligning Bourne with his past, until her Solar side starts to cook.

Dewey may tell an underling, “Time to cut the head off this thing.” Jason Bourne demonstrates, once again, that our guy is the one with the proverbial scissors.

Archetype: Amnesiac. Father. Son. Intimacy.

Astrology Archetype: ☉☽ (Sun, Moon)

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