Astrology: Television: ‘The Walking Dead’: Pluto and the Zombie Resurrection

Talk about timing. The explosive Season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead” was broadcast on Easter Sunday, when resurrection, in the religious sense, gloriously triumphs. This show, however, has put an entirely different spin on resurrection, twisting the underlying archetypal theme of victory over death into something unthinkable. “The Walking Dead” has always been about […]

Television: ‘The Walking Dead’: Individual Leadership vs. the Collective

In “The Walking Dead,” zombies come and go. What remains unchanged in this sci-fi action-thriller – the program just broadcast its mid-third-season finale – is the issue of survival (Saturn), ultimate power (Pluto), and the conflict between individual leadership (Sun and Mars) and the collective (Uranus). “The Walking Dead”’ arrived with an intense archetypal underbelly, […]