Archetypes: Television: Review: ‘Better Call Saul’ (2015): ‘Pimento’: Oh, Brother!

During his run as the affable, fast-talking criminal attorney in “Breaking Bad,” Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) was essentially the collegial “brother-in-crime.” After last night’s “Pimento” episode of “Better Call Saul,” it’s clear that Saul’s depraved clients in the future were probably more brotherly than his real life older brother Chuck (Michael McKean). Astrological Mercury rules […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale: Baby Blue Meth-Child: Walter White’s Fourth Son

In a previous “Breaking Bad” post, I wrote about Walter White’s three sons – one biological and two metaphoric – as well as an illegitimate fourth. That would be his meth-child Baby Blue. My taking liberties with the heirs of the White name is, of course, light-hearted. But the last few minutes of “Felina,” as […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale: Walter White’s ‘My Three Sons’

With a nod to television’s iconic “My Three Sons” – Fred MacMurray played an engineer and widower with three biological male offspring to raise – “Breaking Bad” gave Walter White three different young men in need of a father figure. Walt Jr., who renamed himself Flynn, is Walt’s only biological son. A high school student, […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: Series Finale: ‘Felina’

If culminations ideally revert back to beginnings, “Breaking Bad”’s series’ closer did real good. We finally got to hear Walter White, in true Saturnine fashion, define himself. Saturn is all about boundaries. Unlike Neptune, whose hallmark is one massive, fuzzed-out, merge-energy that makes it impossible to know where things begin and end, Saturn is all […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: How It Ends

Jesse’s futile escape attempts in last night’s “Granite State” – using a paper clip as makeshift key to uncuff himself, hoisting himself up to make it out of his underground prison, and just almost climbing over what seemed to be a mile-high wire fence – set me thinking about a scene in the “Breaking Bad” […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: “Granite State”

“Breaking Bad” has always been about the compartmentalization of Walter White’s motives. Caring for his family, so he says, propels him. But so does rising professionally, based on how he uses his chemist’s skill sets, no matter how many people’s lives he destroys. From the very first episodes, we saw Walt’s frustration being a high […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: ‘Ozymandias’: What’s in a Name?

The title of last night’s “Breaking Bad” episode, “Ozymandias,” comes from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s short poem about an ancient ruler commemorated in a sculpture which, like his kingdom, has disintegrated. The pedestal, still intact, reads, “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings.” So much for Walter White’s empire. Those craggy, sky-topping desert cliffs looked like […]

Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: Episode 13: Unbreakable Contracts

Although last night’s “To’hajiilee” ended in a Mars-fueled gun duel, the episode was a Mercurial feast, involving just about every activity connected with the planetary messenger of the gods. It’s a long list: written, spoken and visual communication, devices that generate communication, news, trickery, information and data, transportation, contracts, teaching and commercial enterprise. The episode […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: ‘Rabid Dog’ Adds Gasoline, Videos and Saxitoxin to Neptuneville

Neptune, slippery mythological god of the sea, illusion, chemistry and all things fluid, assertively controlled “Rabid Dog,” the mid-point final-season episode of “Breaking Bad.” Even the carpet was audibly squishy, a nod to the god’s – Poseidon to the Greeks – underwater kingdom. As we saw from last week’s cliffhanger, Jesse had dowsed the living […]

Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: ‘Confessions’ Marks Jesse as Scapegoat

In biblical times, being sorry for your sins wasn’t enough. A more conclusive way of making that point was metaphorically loading up the head of a goat – the scapegoat or patsy – with the entire village’s package of wrongdoings and sending the creature out to Belize – uh, the desert – never to be […]