Astrology: Film: ‘Prince Avalanche’ (2013)

In Prince Avalanche, painting yellow lane-dividing lines on rural roads is serious Saturnine business. And the no-nonsense taskmaster who takes extraordinary pleasure in the work while reveling in the solitude this neck of the woods provides is Alvin (Paul Rudd), a man whose head space is way older than his years. Under his wing is […]

Movie: ‘Killer Joe’ (2012)

As a cop, a profession that exudes Mars-infused energy, Killer Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) uses firepower to protect the community in his redneck Texan town. As a part-time hit man – a Mars-Pluto combo – Killer Joe turns families’ murderous fantasies into reality. The Smiths are one of those twisted clans. Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch), […]