Astrology: Film: Movie Funnel Vision

Cinematic cosmic funnels seem to be having a rebirth this summer. R.I.P.D. has made such a channel part of its endgame – previously a one-way trip for the newly dead in an upward direction, the bad guys now want to make it a two-way street so the evil dead can tumble back to earth. Also […]

Astrology: Fashion: ‘Pacific Rim’: Rinko Kikuchi Color Blocks Her Hair

  Pacific Rim smartly makes its “doubles” and “twinning” Gemini themes, ruled by Mercury, a core part of the movie. The plot involves paired Jaeger pilots, two minds communicating in The Drift, neural handshakes, fathers and sons, brother and brother, and dual combats involving our hero robots and those nasty Kaiju – evolved, alien, under-water monsters […]

Astrology: Film: Review: ‘Pacific Rim’ (2013)

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is as Mercurial a movie as they come. Abounding in and playing on dualities, the movie twinningly becomes a poster child for all things Gemini. The back story involves world destruction through the Kaiju, enormous and organically generated alien monsters that reach our shores through a funnel-like portal in the […]