Astrology Signs Increasingly Pop Up in Movies and TV

On Monday, on Fox’s hot new drama “The Following,” starring Kevin Bacon, a note written by cult follower Amanda Porter (Marin Ireland) described herself as, among other things, a Pisces. This reference didn’t have quite the impact of the Piscean mention in the decade-old Bend It like Beckham, in which an older relative says, “Lesbian? […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Homeland’: Carrie’s and Brody’s Planetary Neuroses

Falling in love has been described as each partner’s infatuation with the other’s neuroses. Nowhere is the adage more true than on “Homeland,” the Emmy award-winning drama from Showtime which just broadcast its Season 2 finale. Although viewers became increasing disenchanted with implausible and irksome character behavior this season, to say that “Homeland” fell off […]