Fashion: Neon


Neon Hot Pink Legging: Rag & Bone

Even the tiniest bit of wearable neon is like a day-glo megaphone announcing you’ve just entered the room. Too much and people without Ray-Bans will turn away. But the right amount of fluorescence lets onlookers know you can transform greens, pinks and blues into thunderbolts of electric color.

Aries: Born leaders, passionate Rams need an eye-catching banner to announce their arrival. Think of flags rippling in the wind – a swinging tote or a scarf tied just-so to catch the breeze should do the trick. Make yours a blood-red to show your fighting spirit.

Taurus: Taurus is typically in the garden or the bank, making flowers or investments grow. Choose a darker neon green, evoking the headiness of chlorophyll and cash. Consider a peek-a-book effect – a bangle peering from under a sleeve – that suggests a fledging shoot emerging from the soil.

Gemini: Super-smart Geminis will want to use their neon as a jumping off point to talk fashion history. Read up on the 1980s, the club scene and the musicians and celebrities who were photographed wearing a fluorescent piece that looked just like yours.

Cancer: The Cancerian proclivity to soothe and embrace might clash with neon’s electric stance. Make it work by choosing an electric color for your food or recyclable tote – as long as there’s sustenance inside, you’re safe to nourish.

Leo: What better choice for dramatic Lions than a shock of electricity. Think about all those awards you’ve dreamed of. It doesn’t have to be an Oscar, but a flashy canary yellow on the verge of turning gold should do the trick.

Virgo: Humble Virgo might not necessarily gravitate to neon, but the thought of craftspeople creating neon accessories in their basement will make this sign salivate.

Libra: Librans excel in the balancing act of life. Pair two versions of the same color – the natural shade and a bold dose of the electric version. A shocking blue cuff worn with a plain blue cotton T-shirt will make the Scales happy.

Scorpio: Scorpio intensity can be hypnotic. So why stint on neon’s seductive potency? Dig deep into the earth for a rich, indigo, glistening blue-black wallop of color.

Sagittarius: Born teachers, Archers love good information. What’s even better than neon is neon with mind-expanding words scrawled into a pattern. Make your neon statement a literal one. 

Capricorn: Conservative Capricorns are not given to shout-out attire, so a little neon goes a long way. Thrifty beyond belief, Goats can acknowledge their highly prized talent by splurging on a clutch bag that metaphorically shows off their hard-earned cash.

Aquarius: Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, Aquarians carry the surprise gene. Neon is itself the visual shock that Water Bearers understand instinctively. Add neon where you least expect to see it. Opt for blindingly colored socks instead of footwear.

Pisces: Visions and hallucinations are part of the Piscean knack for transcendence. Instead of solid hues, choose neon in streams of color that merge and blend. Wear your cosmic road show.


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