Astrology: Fashion: Peplums

Miso Mesh Peplum Top: Republic

Just when you think the top of your garment is ending at the waist, the fabric takes an expansive ruffle-like twist and becomes a faux short skirt. The peplum, fashion’s hot overskirt, adds a eye-catching bottom finish to blouses and jackets and a third dimension to dresses.

Aries: When adventure calls, Rams may find that peplums are just extra baggage that metaphorically weighs them down. But if you’re inclined to value shields and armor, a peplum may be a just what you need in the urban wild.

Taurus: Taurus, ruled by Venus, breathes sensuality. What better way to call attention to curvy hips – or adding to the visuals – than by wearing a peplum. For Bulls, the gardeners of the Zodiac, this feminine bit of add-on fabric is new growth.

Gemini: Talkative Geminis communicate almost as much with their hands as they do with their mouths. To paraphrase Han Solo’s advice to let the Wookiee win: “Let the peplum speak.”

Cancer: The Cancerian’s mothering instinct takes to the peplum like breast milk. If you’ve ever fantasized about the bonding that comes with slinging a toddler over your hips as you walk barefoot in the grass, you’ll see this fabric offshoot as inspiration.

Leo: What Leo does not want acclaim for every part of them? With the peplum, it’s the hips’ turn to accrue honors. Choose the flare and length of your peplum accordingly.

Virgo: Virgos are all about organization and tidiness. For these clutter-hating neat freaks of the Zodiac, peplums may simply be clutter and excess. The alternative is opting for peplums with pockets for hiding any eyesores.

Libra: Librans dislike imbalance both in relationships and clothing proportions. To satisfy their Venusian desire for harmony, Scales should avoid peplums that spiral out asymmetrically so that one side is curvier than the other. Keep it even.

Scorpio: Scorpios love to cast that come-hither look with body parts other than the eye. For these seducers of the Zodiac the hips have the power to hypnotize. Décolletage plus peplum equal a sexy romp.

Sagittarius: The symbol of Sagittarius is the half-man half-horse Centaur. The change happens at the waist. Peplums are the fashion equivalent of four equine legs. Ride, arrow-slingers!

Capricorn: Minimalist ambitious Capricorns typically run from excess. More fabric than absolutely necessary on a garment may be a turn off. But a proper steel-grey jacket, tight at the waist with a slight flair, is a good fit for the Board Room.

Aquarius: Aquarians hate to be tied down. To these independent freedom-loving folks, peplums may seem like excess baggage. Catching their attention is easier when the extra fabric has futuristic possibilities – nicely metallic and tech-inspired.

Pisces: Dreamy Pisces likes not knowing where one thing ends and the other begins. Peplums that seem to emanate from somewhere other than the waist are the boundary-blurring pieces that delight the Fish.

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