Astrology: Fashion: Andrea Riseborough’s Gray Matter in ‘Oblivion’

Andrea Riseborough in “Oblivion”
Credit: Universal Pictures

Victoria’s (Andrea Riseborough) minimalist, high-altitude office in Oblivion may be an irritably long commute but you’ll covet her snappy, gray dress that’s a perfect fit for both the horizontal monitor board and the board room. Under the aegis of the movie’s costume designer Marlene Stewart, the one-piecer is a breathtakingly elegant, slightly above-the-knee belted sheath, with sleeves a shade too capped to be called sleeveless. It virtually screams “CEO.”

Victoria’s only got a couple of weeks left before completing her mission. Not surprisingly, she keenly anticipates her rewards and is, therefore, especially bound to her job’s stringency. Discipline and accolades for a job well done are the realm of Saturn, which also rules the color gray and executive-minded Capricorn.

The aerial station function as both workplace and living quarters. Victoria and Jack (Tom Cruise) are the movie’s “effective couple,” as he repairs the futuristic landscape’s patrolling drones, and she monitors his whereabouts. Frankly, gals will be more involved in keeping tabs on Victoria’s savvy, rise-to-the-top outfit.

Astrology Fashion Rating: ♄ (Saturn)

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