Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’: Vince Gilligan’s and Bryan Cranston’s Astrological Chemistry

Vince Gilligan AMC

Vince Gilligan

Think about how many media reviews you’ve read containing a comment about whether the stars involved in a projected exuded or lacked “chemistry.” From an astrological perspective, analyzing sparks between people is relatively easy.

Each planet represents a certain type of activity or energy. For example, the Moon is associated with emotion. Mercury is linked to how we think and communicate. Situate those energies in a specific sign and house, and those energies behave even more specifically. Everyone’s astrological birth chart contains the expressions of 10 planetary energies. So, it’s visually simple to see how one person’s energies affect another’s, simply by comparing one horoscope with another to check out what’s called synastry.

Are there many important energy connections between one person’s chart and the other’s? In other words, do these energies positively spark off each other, fueling mutual likeabilty, loyalty, interactions and support? Obviously, the more of these connections, the better.

As “Breaking Bad” – the pop culture chemistry project that’s forever eclipsed all chemistry projects – winds down its season run, this is a good time to take a look at the stunning chemistry between show creator Vince Gilligan and Walter White’s Bryan Cranston.

Gilligan has publicly spoken about his appreciation for Cranston going back to Gilligan’s “The X-Files” days, when Cranston was cast, in the episode “Drive,” as a man holding Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) hostage. Gilligan believed Cranston could add humanity to that difficult role and was top of mind when he was looking to cast his Walter White.

Here’s a quick astrological check list of major connections. (My content is based on Vince Gilligan’s birth date of February 10, 1967 and Bryan Cranston’s birth date of March 7, 1956, as noted on Wikipedia.)

1.         Cranston’s Sun on Gilligan’s Venus. This suggests genuine affection for and idealization of one another. The Sun’s creativity fuels Venus’s desire for beauty. And Venus’s affability and elegance fuels creative output. A connection on every actor’s wish list for a director.

2.         Cranston’s Mercury on Gilligan’s Sun. This suggests good communication, in which Mercury feels comfortable with the Sun’s manner of creativity and self-expression.

3.         Cranston’s Venus opposing Gilligan’s Mars. This suggests a nice interplay between giving (Venus) and getting (Mars).

4.         Cranston’s Jupiter opposing Gilligan’s Sun. This suggests complementary support between the two. A nice interplay between Jupiter’s generosity and expansiveness and the Sun’s benevolence and life force.

5.         Cranston’s Pluto opposing Gilligan’s Sun. This suggests a balancing act between Pluto’s power and the Sun’s creative juices. In an actor-and-director relationship, there’s a constant process of building up (Sun) and bringing the character to life (Sun) for maximum intensity (Pluto), transforming (Pluto) character, and controlling (Pluto) the performance with generosity and support (Sun).

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