Astrology: Fashion: Katniss Everdeen’s Gray Shawl-Vest-Cowl



She steals every scene she’s in up on the big screen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And we don’t mean Jennifer Lawrence. It’s that gorgeous, gray, gotta-have-it thingie Jen’s Katniss wears over a leather jacket in the beginning of the movie.

You know the multi-hyphenate woolly item I mean. Thick gray yarn. Hybrid cowl-wide turtleneck built up in horizontal, tubular rows. Tightly fitted over wind-blocking animal skin. Sleeveless on its right side but with an arm hole. Open on the left, as it artfully wraps around Katniss’s rib cage. The item’s back appears to be the attachment of two strips. From the front, it’s a non-metallic shield.

The film’s editor was clever to provide all-angle, eye-candy views. Clearly, despite there being just one garment on display and only a brief time to gaze at and salivate over it, this is the best runway show around.

In the real world of fashion, gray’s big this season. Unfortunately, in Panem’s District 12, which Katniss calls home, gray is the season. Tied to poverty and coal-mining, District 12 exudes an archetypal Capricorn vibe of making due, rationing, endurance and survival. Its above-and-below domain includes gray skies and the earth’s minerals. The earth tones of her typical wardrobe contrast sharply with the colorful choices available in the Capitol.

As worn snuggly by Katniss, as though she physically chooses to embrace it, the gray shawl-vest represents a destiny of sorts, but one which she is being groomed to change. Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, which oversees both time – as in sundials and tick-tock – and no-nonsense chief-executive types. As CEO of the revolution, Katniss may well wear a new iteration of gray down the line.

Meanwhile, ladies, get out your knitting needles. You want this evergreen Everdeen.

Astrology Fashion Rating:♄(Saturn)

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