Astrology: Fashion: The High-Waisted Trousers in ‘Her’

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Nothing says from-another-generation faster than trousers that climb to the height of one’s armpits. Although they don’t quite reach the torso, the trousers worn by Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore Twombly in Her do reveal a lot about him.

Like those overly-protective Saturnine pans of his, Theodore is rather self-contained, covering up his feelings even when he’s writing extraordinarily intimate letters on behalf of clients. He’s in the process of getting divorced from his wife – Saturn rules commitment, which he takes seriously. As fate would have it, the deeply conservative Theodore plunges into a relationship which gets him out of his shell (Saturn rules skin and bones). And, if opposites attract, his new girlfriend is proof of this adage.

She’s Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson), a high-tech, Uranian, computer operating system. If Saturn rules a conservative outlook, Uranus is all future and forward-thinking. Maybe it’s the disembodied ScarJo connection, but the Hollywood Reporter says there’s a Her collection of high-waisted men’s trousers that’s already attracting attention.

As for the gals, how might the Astrological signs wear the female version of this style of trousers, made so popular by fashion and movie icon Katharine Hepburn in the 1940s?

   Aries:  Adventurous Rams like the action-geared maneuverability.

   Taurus:  Any extra feel-good fabric to envelope the sensuous Bull is a plus!

   Gemini:  Twins rule! Any two-legged thingies evoke pairs. Highwaists irrelevant.

   Cancer:  Exposing sexy parts no longer the main goal for protective, nurturing Moon gals.

   Leo:  Make that waistband attention-getting to seduce the Lion.

   Virgo:  If efficiency wins out you’ve sold the Virgo who’ll then promptly embellish them.

   Libra:  Keep the look dead-center male-female: Scales like it balanced.

   Scorpio:  The more-covered up a Scorpion, the more there is to uncover.

   Sagittarius:  If Centaurs can hide their passports in the waistband, it’s a go.

   Capricorn:  I’m not a CEO, I just play one on TV, which is why I must wear these.

   Aquarius:  I’m eccentric and these highwaists are one of my gazillion friends.

   Pisces:  The waist ends precisely here: a no-go for the boundary-changing Fish.

Astrology Fashion Rating for High-Waisted Trousers for Men and Women: ♄ (Saturn)

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