Astrology: Fashion: Haute Lunch Tiffins and Stackable Stainless Steel Containers

 Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics

With bucket bags huge this season – and voluminously huge always – there’s no better time for gals to become fashion-forward with unique lunch receptacles that easily fit into their nice bottomless sacks.

We’re taking our cue from The Lunchbox, a magical foodie movie from Ritesh Batra, which tells the story of two lonely people whose souls reawaken through the understated power of lunch deliveries. The film is set in Mumbai, a city whose lunch hours are owned by the dabbawallahs, also known as tiffin wallahs, who methodically drop off thousands of wives’ home-cooked meals to their cubicle-trapped husbands. Saajan (Irrfan Khan) accidentally receives a tiffin package – tiffins are the stackable, metal receptacles that contain the meals’ components – originally destined for the spouse of the sender, Ila (Nimrat Kaur).

In real life, these stackable containers do exactly that – contain. Containment, a Saturnine archetype, prevents spillage and ensures order. In The Lunchbox, eating out of these tiffins is akin to coloring inside the lines. Both Saajan and Ila are living very circumscribed, cautious lives and are desperately in need of a massive, awareness-bringing explosion. The fragrance and deliciousness of Ila’s meals are securely bound within these tiffins, whose snaps hold the treasure in place. The containers cork up great promise, but they’re also walls that need to be breached.

Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics

How do the Astrological signs carry and carry off these stackable, mid-day food receptacles?

Aries:  Make sure they’re easy to open for quick entry. No Waiting. Want. Food. Right. Now.

Taurus:  Keep them smutch-free for super-smooth tactility.

Gemini:  Twins like pairs. Opt for no more than two stackables.

Cancer:  Get a large and several small containers that mimic children. Baby stackables, resembling mini-Moons.

Leo:  Choose the shiniest receptacles to double as mirrors. Better to reflect your gorgeous post-luncheon visage.

Virgo:  One food per receptacle! Non-negotiable!

Libra:  Keep the different food weights even: the Scales like it nicely balanced.

Scorpio:  Get a pewter finish. Dull can be hidden. Then no one will steal your secret food stash.

Sagittarius:  Opt for undentable and travel-sturdy items. We’re talking Sherpa-durable.

Capricorn:  Minimal and unadorned work best. The point is not to let anyone suspect that the CEO eats. Ever.

Aquarius:  Stack them up to the sky. You’ll want to share with your friends. And you have a lot of friends.

Pisces: One container’s enough. Cosmically merge all the food together. Fish love to sidestep boundaries. Pour dressing or sauce over everything.

Astrology Tiffin and Stackable Lunch Container Rating: ♄ (Saturn)

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