Astrology: Fashion: Bucket Bags

Anya Hindmarch  Vaughan Bucket Bag   (

Anya Hindmarch
Vaughan Bucket Bag (

They’re called bucket bags for good reason. Like pails, they’ve got a broad base that nicely balances your hoard for easy transport. If you jam-pack them in well organized fashion, these babies evoke the mythic Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty.

One account of the legend involves the baby god Jupiter, whose mother Rhea had him cared for by the daughters of a Cretan king. The gals fed the infant milk from the goat Amalthea. Jupiter broke off one of Amalthea’s horns and gave it to his caretakers. From that point on, through Jupiter’s power and generosity, that Horn could fill itself with whatever its owner desired.

These days, we call that bounty our “stuff.” And, just like the tiny circus car that somehow ejects dozens of clowns, the bucket bag can mystify onlookers as it pours forth a seemingly endless bounty of content.

Astrologically speaking, are bucket bags, with their Sagittarius-centric gift of glorious and archetypal expansion, right for you?

Aries: These pioneering souls, setting foot into unknown terrain, can skip the luggage and do nicely with just the essentials. Speak softly and carry a big bag.

Taurus: Sensuous Bulls may be annoyed at the jumble within, but their exquisite tactility can pick out their prize almost instantly.

Gemini: Bucket bags with an outer zipped compartment – for easy reach – are essential for Twins who generally like what’s top of mind and grabbable.

Cancer: As long as there’s room for food, The Crab is okay.

Leo: If Lions are required to shlep their own pails, better make it gilded and regal.

Virgo: With a love of containers, Virgos are big fans of nested receptacles. A matching smaller purse inside their buckets does the trick.

Libra: No overloading the sack! You’ll walk around like a demented scale.

Scorpio: These bags can never be deep enough for the secretive Scorpion. Bonus points for secret compartments. More control that way.

Sagittarius: Your bag reminds you the Universe is endless. Centaurs’ buckets ultimately need their own zip codes.

Capricorn: Goats need to organize their sacks with store-bought or DIY bag divider inserts. If Cappies don’t compartmentalize, bucket bags will fail them.

Aquarius: You Water Bearers already know all about pails. Go for it.

Pisces: The Fish embraces that all content is one. Power bars are allowed to chocolatize MTA passes. It’s all good.

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