Astrology: Fashion: Mia Wasikowska’s Eyelet Dress in ‘The Double’

Magnolia Pictures

Magnolia Pictures

In The Double, Mia Wasikowska, who plays Hannah, wears a glorious, white eyelet dress, its brightness like a shaft of light against the drab shades of the city’s work and living decor. Her dress also ties in with the movie’s two key male characters. Her co-worker Simon (Jesse Eisenberg) has an unrequited crush on Hannah. But there’s a new, not-so-upstanding employee at the company, James, who also makes a play for her.

Turns out James (also Eisenberg) is Simon’s doppelganger, but no one recognizes that both men look identical. Hannah prefers the not-so-nice James, and it’s as though all her affection for him misguidedly oozes out of the fabric’s cut-outs.

In general, it’s those peeks at skin, which eyelets permit, that make these dresses so coquettish while somehow retaining a springtime innocence. When Hades seized Persephone from a field of flowers, my money’s on her having worn an eyelet-studded frock.

How do the astrological signs align with these perennially popular eyelets? Here’s a peek.

Eyelet Wildfield Dress

Eyelet Wildfield Dress

Aries: The sweat of pioneering and athletic Rams finds an easy way out.

Taurus: Sensuous Bulls, who delight in horticulture and gardening, love the notion of wearing transparent flower petals.

Gemini: The Twins, who love to cover ground, need as many eyes as their immediate environment permits.

Cancer: Those ruled by the Moon see eyelets as the shape of the feminine bosom which feeds and nurtures.

Leo: To the Lion, eyelets look like pseudo-rips. Neat teeth marks, but they remind the beast he’s King.

Virgo: The selling point for the craftspeople of the Zodiac? The quality of the embroidery surrounding the opening.

Libra: Eyelets equal less fabric-weight on the body’s scale. The soul lifts!

Scorpio: Scorpions, who guard and are possessive of their secrets, would rather see eyelets worn by their targets of passion.

Sagittarius: The Centaur, half man and half horse, gets the meaning behind the eyelet’s duality: seeing beyond the fabric.

Capricorn: Naturally conservative yet lusty, Goats might pass on eyelets for work but not on their lingerie.

Aquarius: “Liberation from fabric!” shouts the revolutionary Water Bearer.

Pisces: The Fish love elongated eyelets on fabric that moves like rhythmic waves, all evocative of their Piscean roots.



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