Astrology: Fashion: Emma Stone’s Red Sailor Suit in ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics

It’s tough to resist a gal in uniform, and that goes for Emma Stone’s character Sophie Baker in Magic in the Moonlight. Although Sophie’s fame is as a mystic – she’s communing with the spirits in France when we meet her – she’s also meant to be seen as a regular gal. The contrast between her I’m-out-there vibe and her I’ve-got-my-feet-planted-on-the-ground personality, as evidenced by her snappy little red-and-white sailor blouse and skirt, is part of her appeal and charm.

Can everyone handle such a traditional and archetypal Mars garment whose mixed messages include war, conformity and gender neutrality? Here are some Zodiacal reactions to this naval-suit knock-off.

Aries: Ah, blood red. I could get into a fight. I prefer fire to water, but it’ll do. Where’s the fitting room?

Taurus: A career in the navy? Stability is a good thing. Where’s the fitting room?

Gemini: A sailor suit may lead to a party on the Intrepid! Socializing! Where’s the fitting room?

Cancer: I don’t want to be on the high seas away from my family but the ocean of emotion is mighty seductive.

Leo: How long must I serve before I can get some gold ornamentation?

Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics

Virgo: If you give me a needle, I can embroider it up a bit.

Libra: Is the vessel well balanced? I hate lurching from side to side.

Scorpio: Well, hello, you saucy, passionate, red-garbed sailor!

Sagittarius: On a ship? Traveling? Where’s the fitting room?

Capricorn: Simple, disciplined, organized. I am the Captain now. Well, soon.

Aquarius: A uniform? Get me out of here before I start a revolution.

Pisces: Peace and love, not war. But I could get trippy in the ocean and meet Poseidon. My brain’s so fuzzed out…

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