Archetypes: Film: Review: ‘Spy’ (2015)

As masters of disguise, spies are the ultimate impostors, a premise which Spy, a female-driven comedy, brilliantly turns into a feminist tract. Written and directed by Paul Feig, the movie is a sophisticated, barely concealed take on impostor syndrome, a psychological phenomenon that’s been kicking around for nearly four decades. Impostor syndrome typically affects successful […]

Astrology: Film: Review: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ (2014)

In The Grand Budapest Hotel, the movie’s titular edifice is seen perched atop an Alps-like mountain looking like a birthday cake smothered in icing you can almost taste. It’s an old-world, pretty-in-pink picture, and the movie’s writer and director Wes Anderson wants to regress us back to that more civilized time whose days are, unfortunately, […]

Film: ‘Anna Karenina’ (2012)

Rules that are emblazoned onto the fabric of a culture have lives of their own. And in Joe Knight’s take on the Tolstoy classic “Anna Karenina,” set in Russia, in 1874, Anna (Keira Knightley) finds out just how unforgiving those regulatory Saturnine moral pronouncements can be. Based in St. Peterburg, where she lives with her […]