Archetypes: Film: Review: ‘Life’ (2017)

Life will out. As a viable entity, it has no choice except – as we known from the story of the scorpion and the frog – to survive by acting according to its nature. That’s not good news for the six-member crew of an international space station in Life, directed by Daniel Espinosa, whose mission […]

Archetypes: Film: Review: ‘Self/less’ (2015)

Death means disintegration of the body, as well as the evaporation of every thought and mental talent the deceased ever accrued in life. Damian Hale, a wealthy real estate mogul with terminal cancer, is one of those people who’d like to stick around a bit longer. Self/Less, a medical thriller directed by Tarsem Singh, explores […]

Astrology: Film: ‘R.I.P.D.’ (2013)

R.I.P.D., a movie in which dead cops do right by the living when they join the Rest in Peace Department, boasts a “good” dead Boston cop, Nick (Ryan Reynolds), whose moral compass went temporarily askew on earth. There’s the sort-of-dead “bad” Boston cop, Hayes (Kevin Bacon) who killed Nick. And there’s also Roy, a blustery […]