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Astrology: Film: Review: ‘Gloria’ (2014)

In the opening moments of the Chilean movie Gloria, the titular character, divorced for a decade and who’s pushing the older side of middle-age, is at an demographically appropriate nightclub in Santiago. With drink in hand, she’s unashamedly fishing for a man. But what director Sebastián Lelio winds up exploring is Gloria’s profound personal confusion […]

Astrology: Film: Review: ‘Stranger by the Lake’ (2014)

There’s something extraordinarily self-contained about the non-descript, scrawny-pined beach and parking lot in Alain Guiraudie’s Stranger by the Lake. The area’s caché – it’s an enclave for gay-cruising – is revealed quickly. However, this French lakeside enclosure also evokes a mythical subterranean realm with a strong Hades-Plutonic overtone. Men of all ages, shapes and sophistication […]

Astrology: Fashion: The High-Waisted Trousers in ‘Her’

Nothing says from-another-generation faster than trousers that climb to the height of one’s armpits. Although they don’t quite reach the torso, the trousers worn by Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore Twombly in Her do reveal a lot about him. Like those overly-protective Saturnine pans of his, Theodore is rather self-contained, covering up his feelings even when […]