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Film: ‘Arbitrage’ (2012)

Mogul Robert Miller (Richard Gere) is in the process of selling his family-owned company. But beneath the entrepreneurial gloss, the event is more akin to a fire sale. That’s because Miller needs to unload his prize before anyone with accounting smarts detects a more than a $400 million fraud. Pluto rules the big reveal of […]

Film: ‘The Good Doctor’ (2012)

For many people, bedside manner plays a big role in assessing how “good” a physician is. In “The Good Doctor,” Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom), a British doctor doing a residency in the U.S., has an inspired connection with his patient Diane (Riley Keough) that’s off-the-charts impressive: caring, calming and sweetly personal. But we’ve previously seen […]

Astrology: Television: ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5: Neptune’s Murky Blue Pool

If you’re overseeing an empire with Plutonic ruthlessness and efficiency, seducing your subjects first is a good strategy. And so it’s been with “Breaking Bad,” which just completed the first eight episodes of its fifth and final season. I’ve written about Pluto’s irrevocable pull towards death via Walter White’s lung cancer and moral dissolution. It’s […]