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Film: ‘The Sessions’: John Hawkes Contains Himself in Virgo Role and Scores Spirits Award Nom

Most Virgos have a thing for containers. Lots of containers. Especially those that nest in each other. John Hawkes, a Virgo, spent most of his time shooting “The Sessions” in such receptacle. An iron lung. “I’m trapped in a big metal box,” says Hawkes’s character in the movie. And his physically confined performance – to […]

Film: ‘Killing Them Softly’ (2012)

Any thriving business arguably owes a good part of its success to Saturnine measures: firm management and a strict protocol of following rules and weeding out trouble makers. Why should neighborhood mob activities be any different? In “Killing Them Softly,” Andrew Dominik’s riveting and brutally ugly movie about an ill-fated mob-sponsored card game, the rigors […]

Film: ‘Rust and Bone’ (2012)

The saying goes that we choose relationship partners who balance our weaknesses. In “Rust and Bone,” director Jacques Audiard creates a classic pairing of two people whose physical and psychological gaps need deep healing. Stéphanie (Marion Cotillard), a trainer of orcas who works in a marine theme park in southern France meets Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts), […]

Film: ‘Life of Pi’ (2012)

Seductive, elusive and vividly imaginative Neptune, with its proclivity towards unconscious exploration, blankets Ang Lee’s 3-D “Life of Pi” like a shimmering veil. The movie is as much a tribute to the watery planet as it is a revelation of Lee’s own fascination with fictive truth. “Life of Pi,” which debuted at the New York […]

Film: ‘Hitchcock’ (2012)

In “Hitchcock,” which recounts the legendary director’s fascination with the subject matter that would become his movie “Psycho,” the adage “Behind every great man there’s a great woman” comes at you like that knife in the iconic shower scene. Alfred Hitchcock, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in Sacha Gervasi’s film, turned “great” into a multi-hyphenate vocation. […]

Film: ‘Hitchcock’: The Big ‘Psycho’ Reveal

The most grin-inducing segment in“Hitchcock” is the one that features Hitch’s (Anthony Hopkins) brilliant public-relations scheme for the theatrical premiere of his latest movie “Psycho.” “Hitchcock” has already clarified for us that, because the director couldn’t get Paramount to fund the project, he ponied up his own money. That studio agreed to distribute “Psycho,” and […]

Film: ‘Anna Karenina’ (2012)

Rules that are emblazoned onto the fabric of a culture have lives of their own. And in Joe Knight’s take on the Tolstoy classic “Anna Karenina,” set in Russia, in 1874, Anna (Keira Knightley) finds out just how unforgiving those regulatory Saturnine moral pronouncements can be. Based in St. Peterburg, where she lives with her […]

Film: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ (2012)

David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook” only seems like a fluid, edgy romantic comedy. At its core, the movie is a serious and even gut-wrenching exploration of what constitutes imprisonment. The Zodiac’s Neptune-ruled 12th house is traditionally the domain of confined spaces, including prisons and mental institutions. It’s an arena whose inhabitants, behaving unconsciously, become […]

Film: ‘Lincoln’ (2012)

Abraham Lincoln’s political accomplishments, specifically his orchestrating the passage of the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery, have generally been tied to his Aquarian penchant for idealism, freedom, humanitarian efforts, progressive thinking and doing what was best for the collective. This simple rendering of what made Abe tick – an astrology-centric analysis that honors his Uranian […]

Film: ‘Skyfall’ (2012)

There’s enough life-and-death chases, derring-do, femmes, and an over-the-top villain in “Skyfall,” the latest addition to the James Bond cinematic catalog, to make it feel familiar. But this entertainment is just as much Moon-and-Mum as it is Mars-and-Guns. As Silva (Javier Bardem), the villain, puts it: “Mommy was very bad.” Mom, of course, is M […]