Fashion: Fringe

McFadin Fringe Bag

Whether you think of fringe as leather strips in freefall or suspended offshoots of fabric, wearing it is a tricky business. Fringe needs to move well. Avoid the stiff mass of fringe that evokes an upside down Mohawk. Go for fringe with a fearless Wild West Annie Oakley sensibility that darts with grace.

Aries: Rams are astrological cowboys who gravitates to fashion inspired by pioneering eras. Taming the unexplored with fringe is like roping in opportunities with your own personal lasso. Wear it on your arms and use it with bravado.

Taurus: Sensual Taurus loves texture, and fringe is for handling. Choose touchable butter-soft skin or fabric that you can run your fingers through constantly. Because Bulls are great collectors, choose an item with lots of fringe to double your pleasure.

Gemini: Geminis love talking with their hands so if you’re one to wildly gesticulate you’ve got a couple of things to consider. Fringes on Gemini sleeves or wrists will behave like a wind turbines. If your hands express as well as your words, think about overkill. The Gemini with a quieter intellectual bent will opt for a more subtle fringe profile.

Cancer: The Cancerian urge to nurture goes well with fringed shawls that draw in and envelope loved ones. If your maternal urges are fiercely protective, remember that fringe used to decorate rifle sleeves. Fringed feed bags are a good move. And with your fetish for the past, consider vintage fringe.

Leo: Dramatic Lions need statement-making fringe. Think big and bold when you enter a room. Fringe that trails off a garment, simulating an entourage, is a good choice. Then again, so is anything that glistens off a chain or mane.

Virgo: Modest Virgo isn’t keen on being the center of attention. But they love highlighting their love of craft. Get out your tools and fringe your own garments. You’ll control the choice of fabric and color and save a bundle, always a good thing for price-conscious earth signs.

Libra: The Scales loves balance and partnership. In opting for fringe, choose a paired set, either on shoes, wrists or dangling from your earlobes. In Libran life, everyone gets along. Make sure your fringe doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit.

Scorpio: Passionate but secretive, Scorpios can use fringe to reveal quite a bit about their inner lives. First there’s that whip thing, which mirrors the snap of brisk long-fringe activity. Use it. Fringe mystique, ideally in black, may be the only effect you need.

Sagittarius: Archers love expanding their horizons. You’ll travel at the drop of a hat, so opt for fringed items from foreign climes and connect with your travel muse, one of your best outlets for self-development. Choose items easy to stuff into an overnight bag.

Capricorn: Practical Capricorns gravitate to what’s useful rather than ornamental. So choose fringe that’s the heart of the item. Think earrings with dangling fringe. Then again you can’t go wrong with a fringed shawl made of cashmere, the Goat’s favorite.

Aquarius: With an eye for the unique, the fiercely independent Water Bearer is never happy being part of the flock. Stay true to your humanitarian nature by seeking out and popularizing exotic fringe items from global craft communities.

Pisces: Pisceans are the dancers of the Zodiac. Fringe that shimmies has the power to mesmerize the Fish. Think 1920s flapper and make sure your fringe is attached to exquisite fabrics that move hypnotically. Better yet, use fringe to embellish your dance shoes.

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