Astrology: Fashion: Diane Kruger’s Jacket in ‘The Bridge’



In “The Bridge,” the gritty new television drama, Diane Kruger plays Sonya Cross, a detective in the El Paso police department who works closely with a Mexican law enforcement agent (Demian Bichir).

Sonya is an effective professional whose conversations and comments are characterized by an astonishing directness and inquisitiveness. The cause is her Asperger’s, a condition that’s associated with a lack of empathy or interest. It’s all “just the facts” for Sonya, with little regard for reciprocity. She’s not coarse in her no-nonsense speech – she’s quite refined, even as she asks a person she’s just met at a bar if he wants to have sex with her. She’s just straightforward and, as we’ve seen in a recent episode, capable of great emotion and tenderness.

Which brings us to her Old-West-styled bomber jacket, the one she practically lives in.

Observed via the small screen, the jacket seems to be made of a rough taupe-color leather, has epaulets, and enjoys substantial, leopard-fabric decoration. There’s a tiger decal, too. But the key character-revealing adornment is on the back of the garment, which features the head and upper torso of a horse.

Horses are associated with the Jupiter-ruled astrological sign of Sagittarius, whose mythic connection is the Centaur – half horse and half man. Like the Centaur-Archer, who’s on-target with his arrows, Sonya also takes dead aim with her words and efficiently (sometimes brutally) makes her point, often shocking or mortifying those around her. Similarly, Sagittarians are often blunt in their comments. You may have just restyled and cut your hair, and they’ll tell you they liked your tresses the old way. They like to get points for their honesty.

The great challenge for the Sagittarius is to temper the rough edges of their behavior – the raw animal urges to verbally pounce – with human sensitivity, thereby unifying these two different energies. Sonya’s effort to tame the animal side of her Centaur resonates with the series’ first-season plot, which involves her trying to help capture the serial killer known as The Beast. There’s also a Godfather-evocative horse incident which quickly alters one character’s business decision.

The Centaur-Archer’s corresponding mythic female side is, of course, Diana-Artemis, the goddess of the hunt who, in order to do her thing, needs to keep her eye on the prize and act quickly. And Sonya, given the derivation of her name, which means wisdom, does it smartly. The same way she wears that jacket.

Astrology Fashion Rating: ♃ (Jupiter)

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