Astrology: Film: ‘A Single Shot’ (2013)

At the beginning of the novel The Road, Cormac McCarthy writes, “Nights dark beyond darkness and days more gray each one than what had gone before.” David M. Rosenthal’s A Single Shot is spectacularly gray – a gorgeously shot moody hue of a sky, replete with a breathtaking, overhanging mist set against the pines – […]

Astrology: Film: ‘The Way Way Back’: Nat Faxon and Jim Rash Talk ‘Play’ Archetype

In coming-of-age movies, there’s always a challenging ritual that propels a young person away from circumstances over which he has no control, to a life that he can better manage and even enjoy. In The Way Way Back, that symbolic moment which leads to a new order of things involves an amusement-park ride – an […]

Astrology: Film: ‘The Way Way Back’ (2013)

Like many coming-of-age movies, The Way Way Back, written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, is about the necessity for Uranian upheaval. And the film’s young protagonist knows, from the depths of his being, that this fated summer his Life Must Change. Fourteen-year-old Duncan (Liam James) has a bad feeling about his single […]